Motze’ie Shabbat: Lag B’Omer

Tonight at Sundown begins the Jewish Holiday of Lag B’Omer. The days of counting the Omer between Passover and Shavuot are considered a period of mourning in which there are certain restrictions. Weddings are not held, only vocal music should be listened to, and you shouldn’t get your hair cut! On Lag B’Omer the mourning is suspended for the day so there are often weddings, celebrations and parties, and this usually includes a massive bonfire/dance party. This is also the day when most three-year-old boys get their first haircut.

The name for the Holiday itself is quite fascinating, and in his book Seasons of our Joy, Arthur Waskow explains.

“In the pattern of Hebrew counting where the letters represent various numbers, lamed stands for 30 and gimel for 3. Lamed-gimel, or Lag therefore is 33, and the 33rd day of the omer is therefore Lag B’Omer.”

Watch a video of a celebration in Israel

Learn more about Lag B’Omer at this website!

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