A Mennonite at Maimonedes

A Tragic Brooklyn Tale In Which I Give a Review of A Brooklyn Hospital by way of Personal Experience.

Living in Brooklyn, New York, is quite different from the cornfields and farms of my home state of Indiana, but I love the city and after two years it is beginning to feel like home. My biggest frustration with living here is transportation. It simply takes FOREVER to get anywhere. I don’t have a vehicle here (I did at one point, but it didn’t end well…don’t ask!) so my main mode of transportation consist of the subway, bus, or begging a ride from someone. These things lose their novelty quite quickly, I must say.

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a bike but never really thought seriously about it; I just figured it would be more trouble than it would be worth. However, when a friend offered to leave her bike here in the city for me to use, I thought this might be a more convenient mode of transportation for shorter distances when the train wasn’t an option. So I agreed and told her she could leave it and we would probably make use of it. Given my inclination towards catastrophes and accidents I was attempting to be very careful , and I even went online and bought a bike helmet!

Finally, my helmet arrived and I decided the day had arrived to try out the bike. Not a good idea. My attempts at being careful were in vain and apparently this is another mode of transportation I should be avoiding. On the bright side, I was able to add having surgery on a broken leg to my list of life accomplishments, and I became more intimately acquainted with the health care personal of this fine city. They have some excellent surgeons at Maimonides Hospital. The food leaves a bit to be desired, but the view from my room was pretty nice…

And they offer good, sturdy crutches…

The hospital gave me those socks…I was not trying to make a fashion statement! 🙂

And it prompted me to do research on the famous Jewish man the hospital was named for…

The man the hospital is named for is Moses Maimonides, also known as Rambam, who was one of the most famous Jewish scholars of all time. One of his most famous actions was to write a code of Jewish law which is called the Mishneh Torah. He was also a physician and wrote many books on medicine. His writings are held in incredibly high esteem by many Jews and his influence is widely felt in Jewish thought and study. One of his most famous works is The Guide to the Perplexed.

However, as delightful a place as hospitals are, after being admitted on Wednesday and not having surgery until Friday afternoon I was delighted to finally return to my second-story apartment. And I think I navigated the stairs quite well, if I do say so myself! ???? I have been blessed to be kept company in my convalescence with many dear people…

My “Israel People.” A friend we knew who just recently returned from living in Israel happened to be visiting this weekend and we got to hang out and reminisce about the time we all spent living in Jerusalem!

Dutch Blitz and these kiddos kept me company!

Yesterday marked the one week anniversary of “the accident” and I was finally able to venture down the stairs and out again into the world. And where you might ask would one go to celebrate such an occasion?

Let me introduce you to the best Kosher Ice Cream shop in the Jewish neighborhood of Boro Park. While I will never be persuaded that kosher ice cream is as good as regular ice cream, the Ice Cream House is a place I would highly recommend and if you come visit me I’d love to take you there! ????

Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, transportation is a frustration here in the city, and it is 10 times worse with crutches. I am planning on visiting Indiana for several months this summer to recuperate. While I will miss being here in Brooklyn it will be interesting to once again plunge into a Mennonite community, so stay tuned for many exciting updates this summer!

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