Another Summer Adventure: Part 1 (In which I venture out of the city into Mennonite land as an invalid)

There are many different stripes and types of Anabaptist groups and they often tend to stick together under specific affiliations. My church is a member of a group of Mennonites united under the name Biblical Mennonite Alliance. Every year there is a large convention in which people from churches all over the US and Canada attend to listen to speakers, eat food, and catch up with people they haven’t seen since last year.

This year the convention is being held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at Lancaster Bible College. The convention starts Friday evening with different speakers, workshops, special music, and lots of four-part harmony hymn singing! If you are curious and want to see what this looks like, most of the sessions are being live streamed. You can watch it here.

I was originally supposed to direct the Sunday morning children’s choir, but due to the broken leg I had to pass it off to someone else. However, contrary to popular belief, I am not a complete invalid and will be attempting to navigate the campus of Lancaster Bible College in a *drumroll please* motorized wheelchair! ???? This could actually be kind of fun…hehe.

Stayed tuned for pictures and updates!

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