I’m still alive: A long overdue posting!

Shalom Havarim! (Hello friends) I am rather ashamed to look at the date on my last posting and realize how much time has passed. To say that life has been crazy would be an understatement. After having surgery in February I stayed with my family in the Shire for about a month before returning to Brooklyn. I am currently back in Maryland for two weeks of continuing treatment. However, this time I am not confined to the hospital and am quite at liberty to explore the area to my hearts content.

High on my list of things to do in DC is to take in the Holocaust Museum. While I have been to several, including numerous visits to Yad Vashem in Israel, I am curious to see what this one will be like. Be looking for an update in the coming days.

In honor of my being back to the world of blogging, and the fact that a Mennonite Choir which I sang with a few years back is currently on tour. I will leave you with a video of Oasis Chorale singing some amazing music!

I hope to be blogging more in the coming days, so stay tuned! And I would also be interesting in hearing topics you all would be interested in reading about.

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