Interesting Headgear

In the Jewish and Anabaptist worlds there is a whole culture of head wear for both men and women. While many differences may appear subtle or even unnoticeable to the untrained eye, those little differences can be a very big deal among different sects or denominations. Some differences are cultural, while some differences are held to be more or less conservative. One could write volumes on this topic so I am only going be be touching on a very small and specific item–the Shtreimal.

What, you may ask, is a Shtreimal? This is a large fur hat usually worn by married Haredi Jewish men on Shabbat, and special weddings or Holidays or certain other special occasions. It is also worn by a groom for the first week after his marriage. This hat is very important for a Jewish man and can sometimes cost several thousand dollars and is meant to last for years. It is often made of sable fur.

An Orthodox man wearing a Shtreimal.
A traditional Shtreimal.
Group of Hasidic men at a wedding.

Jewish men traditionally cover their heads which is directly opposite from Anabapstist men who believe that New Testament Scripture teaches that when a man is praying of prophesying he should have his head uncovered.


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