About Me

Hello, friends! I’m DeLora, a Mennonite girl from Indiana, now living in Jewish Brooklyn, NYC. My rather unconventional up-bringing has taken me to a lot of different places and given me a wide range of interests. I grew up travelling around the US and Canada in a bus with my family, singing and doing ministry work in prisons and churches. This early exposure to travel, music, and cultures       has made a huge impact on who I am today.

So, a little about me now and the inspiration for Mennonite Jewish Shalom…

I’m a 20-something music teacher with a BA in music from Cedarville University. I’m a lover of nearly every genre of music–especially ethnic music, and Jewish music in particular. I love learning, reading and writing, libraries, bookstores, and the smell of coffee. Grey, rainy days I can spend at home being an introvert are my favorite.  I love being a Brooklynite, but I left part of my heart in Israel where I lived and studied for a year. I’m a Mennonite from a small, Midwestern town, but I love Jewish culture, music, the Hebrew language, and I consider Jerusalem my unofficial second home. I love finding connections and similarities between the Anabaptists and Jews and hope to be able to share that passion on this blog!

My life here in Brooklyn is rarely boring. I’m a musician and a writer–I teach, blog, play in an orchestra, busk in the subway, and try (often unsuccessfully) to navigate around this amazing city. I live in a little apartment up a crooked staircase with my roommate and sometimes the occasional tiny mouse. I love being surrounded by my books, instruments, and stacks of sheet music. For all that I am and do, my deepest desire and passion is to bring honor and glory to my Messiah, Jesus. The goal for my life is to make His name great. My life is a rather crazy and seems somewhat absurd at times, but there is no one I would rather go adventuring with than my Jesus!